Why choose the ICAEW CFAB?

The Institute is now offering online ICAEW CFAB training via fisk.org.pl. Here, we outline the benefits. You can enrol as a student and take all the modular courses on offer all from the comfort of your office or at home – wherever you are in the world. All study materials (both old fashioned physical and online) and payment will be arranged through our site and the Institute will become your place of study.

The business world is becoming cross boarder in nature with internationally recognised terminology and definitions English. Without a recognised qualification in English you are putting yourself at a disadvantage right at the initial stage of your career. The ICAEW CFAB is a qualification which will allow you to demonstrate basic international business and financial skills in the language of cross boarder commerce.

The ICAEW CFAB, if you wish to take it to the next level, will allow you, with an approved training contract, to take further exams resulting in the Chartered Accountant qualification. However, if you would like to pursue another international recognised business finance or management qualification, it is possible to use the ICAEW CFAB instead to gain certain exam exemptions.

As there are no entry requirements for the students wishing to take the ICAEW CFAB exams, they can be done at any part of your career path. However, it is recommended that students sign up and attend the training courses run by experienced qualified people who have gone through the same process as you intend to do. The tutors’ approach will be based on their experience and will be able to tackle each subject in a practical way. All our tutors work in the accounting profession at senior levels. They will pass on to the student skills they use on a  daily basis – advising clients in business finance and management.

Is there someone in your organisation who would benefit from taking the ICAEW CFAB?

In Summary:

Competitive advantage: ICAEW CFAB teaches you highly valuable business and finance knowledge which could give you the edge over your peers.
Get ahead: Improve your knowledge and skills to help you get ahead in the job market. It helps show prospective employers you are ambitious and self-motivated.
New career: If you are considering a career in business, finance or accounting, you can study CFAB to see if it’s right for you – you’ll gain key skills and a formal certificate to demonstrate your knowledge and achievement.
Career path into chartered accountancy: ICAEW CFAB consists of the same six modules as the first stage of ICAEW’s leading business and finance qualification, the ACA. You can study ICAEW CFAB as part of your journey towards the ACA qualification – a qualification that is recognised and valued in business, practice and public sector organisations around the world.
University students: If you’re studying a degree with business, finance or business components, you could study CFAB at the same time and gain a formal certificate alongside your degree to help boost your CV. You may be entitled to exemptions on some CFAB exam modules.
Credibility with others: If you work in a non-finance role that supports finance teams, then ICAEW CFAB will help you understand the fundamentals and can help increase your credibility with colleagues and clients.
Working with budgets: If you need to understand budgets, controlling costs, measuring performance and how a business works – then ICAEW CFAB will help you in your role.
Entrepreneur: Eager to start your own business but don’t want to fall into the typical pitfalls faced by start-ups? ICAEW CFAB helps you understand the wider business and finance issues that are invaluable for any new company.
Gap year: ICAEW CFAB is achievable in a year. Make your gap year count.


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