Sponsoring events

Events organized by Financial Institute of Corporate Treasurers FISK is a great opportunity to present the offer businesses, building relationships with partners, creating confidence in the brand and its recognition or acknowledgment of their competence and professionalism. In our events attended by the most important person and the best specialists in the finance and banking. With media publishing Financial Institute of Corporate Treasures FISK – websites www.fisk.org.pl – information about events organized under the name FISK Conferences effectively reach all market participants.

Benefits from sponsoring events:

  • Organization of seminars by the Institute and TGC Corporate Lawyers / Baker Tilly Poland / Baker Tilly Audit / Contract Administration and BPCC
  • Promotion of the brand relative to each of the recipients of invitations
  • Promoting the brand in regular mailshots to subscribers  and on the Institute website
  • Promotion of the brand, as sponsor seminars
  • Help to reach new customers with information about their products to a pre-selected environment