Gas Exploration in Europe

Natural gas has become one of the most important areas of energy-law practice in Europe. The issues related to natural gas exploration, production and transit, are extensive and complex. Companies looking to invest in natural gas exploration, production, and transit in Europe need to become intimately aware of the legal regimes of several countries. In […]

Investor Protection Under MIFID

The European Union’s Markets In Financial Instruments Directive (MIFID), which came into force on November 1, 2007, harmonizes the law for the treatment of investors in financial markets across the EU and harmonizes the actual operation of these markets, thereby creating a single market for financial services. MIFID provides for detailed rules on how investment […]

What Hat Was That Director Wearing? Professional Liability Tele-Seminar

ALFA International presented this tele-seminar to examine every day concerns and issues faced by underwriters, claims personnel, professionals and corporate governance officers. Attorneys are frequently asked to serve on corporate and nonprofit boards. Less frequently, Accountants, engineers, and other professionals may also be tapped. These professionals are sought for board positions because they bring specialized […]

Depositions of CEOs and General Counsel: How to Avoid them and How to Handle Them

A case becomes high profile when there is a legitimate attempt to depose the CEO or general counsel. This tele-seminar addressed what to do when you get the notice for a deposition of the general counsel or the CEO, how to prepare them to testify, how to limit or avoid the deposition, and how to […]

An Overview of Corporate Governance in Europe

ALFA International presented the tele-seminar “An Overview of Corporate Governance in Europe”. — Issues relating to corporate governance are becoming more important as corporate structures become more complex and shareholders continue to assert their rights. Moreover, a wide array of guidelines promulgated by OECD, the EU Commission, and various national regulatory agencies have imposed more […]